Snap Stands Photo Booth Vancouver: Pose. Snap. Share. More than just a photo booth, a modern event experience!

We're More Than Just a Photo Booth

Why Are People Using Snap Stands?

We're a Lot of Fun!

Our photo stands (photo booths) encourage interaction among guests. Our interactive photo booth software is user-friendly and fun to use. We also are a lot of fun to work with! We work closely with our clients to strategize and setup each event to ensure for a successful campaign.

We Dress for the Occasion

Our Snap Stand photo booth units can be branded inside and out, everything from the touch-screen keyboard colors to the outside steel front of the unit. We’ll ensure to not look like the odd guest at the event.

We Capture Data

Our photo booths have the ability to capture important information to not only report of the success of the event but also help enhance your next event marketing campaign. The data can be measured, analyzed and reported for you after the event.

Snap Stands Interactive

Snap Stands provides a modern, interactive way to engage with your customers! Our photo booth rentals in Vancouver offer real-time data collection at events, bridging the gap between real time and social media engagement. Snap Stands is the latest experiential marketing package for your next event. Contact us to rent one of Vancouver photo booths.